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About LSI

Lakshmi Sai Info started in 2011 is an Information Technology Products & Services
Company that provides:

– Application Development Management
– QA & Testing
– Program & Project management
– Implementation and Integration
– Maintenance and Support
– Professional services 

We provide IT Services to emerging growth businesses and suppport business sectors as Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Transportation, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, HealthCare,

Pharmaceuticals, and the Consumer Product Industries. Maintaining the best in the Industry, LSI  provide industry experienced and highly qualified IT Consultants to augment Client needs in their internal IT departments.

LSI is positioned to guide clients in preparing for tomorrow’s technologies, today. We are actively involved with Advanced Technologies including Bigdata Management(BDM), Data Science, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence Implementations,

ecommerce Strategies and Deployments, Client/Server Solutions, DistributedSystems Implementations, Network Architectures, Internet/Intranet Applications, Object Oriented Development, and System Re-engineering Projects.

Our Consultants are highly qualified in project management methodologies, quality assurance disciplines, Product Development and Testing processes.